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Quatela Lynch LLC (QL) advises business leaders worldwide on leveraging intellectual property to achieve strategic corporate growth objectives.

Led by Principals Laura Quatela and Timothy Lynch, the firm draws from an extensive network of technologists, attorneys, and negotiators to evaluate and manage IP portfolios; develop and implement IP strategies; structure and deploy IP teams; build and execute monetization programs; and advise on business transactions covering a broad array of products and services worldwide. To enhance successful outcomes, QL engages directly with owners, corporate boards, CEOs and other executive management, focusing on objectives identified by senior leadership.

On behalf of Kodak, IBM, Technicolor, Alcatel Lucent and others, the QL team has generated over $5 billion in revenue from IP transactions. With more than 60 years of combined operating experience among the QL Principals, our firm offers considered advice and proven results.



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Areas of Practice

corporate strategy 

It is well accepted that intellectual property strategy must be integrally linked to corporate strategy, and yet most companies find that link tenuous.  As business leaders who have managed some of the most important patent portfolios in the world, we specialize in developing and implementing plans that leverage intellectual property throughout the business, bolstering business opportunities and revenue. We are not "viewers" but rather "doers", delivering tangible results to increase shareholder value.

Investor Services

QL serves as a trusted advisor to our private equity clients to evaluate potential acquisitions, addressing two key questions: (i) is there any IP-related reason we should not proceed with the transaction; and (ii) is there material financial upside, by using patents to reduce costs and/or increase revenues and EBITDA?   Our Principals have provided such advice to many of the world's most notable private equity firms in both small and multi-billion dollar transactions worldwide.

Technology Investment Strategy & Support

Through our partnership with Global Prior Art (GPA) and its team of 50 world-class technologists in high-tech hardware, software, electronics, life sciences, materials, chemicals, and industrial engineering, we work closely with R&D and product development management to identify new business opportunities and strategic threats through careful monitoring of patent applications, technical innovation publications, standards activities and other indicators of innovation.  

Guided by key areas of technical specialization and interest within each client, we can provide regular updates and consultations that help technical and product management better understand whether they are over-investing or under-investing in key development activities relative to global competition and new entrants.

patent portfolio development & management

We assist companies in patent portfolio evaluation, management and expansion.  Specifically, QL identifies strategic opportunities and exposures surrounding patent portfolio development and maintenance.  For many companies, selecting inventions for patent filing, preparing and prosecuting those patent applications worldwide, and maintaining the resulting patent portfolio can cost tens of millions of dollars annually.  

We help develop strategies and processes that can dramatically reduce patent-related expenses (including a substantial reduction in outside counsel fees related to patent creation) while simultaneously strengthening a patent portfolio's offensive and defensive capabilities. For patents no longer required, we partner with Quinn Pacific, an elite patent brokerage firm operating worldwide.

It is much easier to put existing resources to better use, than to develop resources where they do not exist.
— George Soros


Invitation to Discuss Issues and Explore Solutions

We are committed to working with business leaders and private equity firms to better manage and leverage intellectual property assets in creative ways that will build revenue, profits and shareholder value.   We welcome the opportunity to speak with C-suite executives, Board directors, and private equity firms about the challenges and opportunities they face, and together explore how our team can help develop and implement a plan to achieve significantly enhanced financial performance through focused, creative management of IP resources. 

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